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Iron Rich Foods – List Of Foods High In Iron Content

Foods rich in Iron

The table below lists foods high in iron. The table lists all foods per 100 grams (3.5oz) for comparison purposes and because its difficult to estimate an average serving for iron rich foods.

Iron rich foods and the highest source of iron usually come from animal origin. For example liver, kidneys and red meats. They are a rich source of iron due to the size of the portions eaten. Many people can regularly consume up to 200 grams of meat per serving. The table below shows some foods of plant origin to contain very high levels of iron, such as the herbs or breakfast cereals. However, be aware that these foods are eaten in much smaller portions rendering them a lower source of iron rich foods than those of animal origin. Consuming iron rich foods can be essential for effective weight loss. The iron is used to produce red blood cells, these carry oxygenated blood to exercising muscles and enable us to exercise with vigor which helps burn more calories. People with slight iron deficiencies often feel lethargic and may not be as active as people with an adequate iron intake.

Oxygen is also needed to enable cells to burn fat completely. The more oxygen supplied to working muscles, the more fat can be burned. However, this does not mean consuming very high levels of iron will help burn more fat. High doses of iron are not recommended!

Compare Iron rich food to Potassium rich food

Table of food high in iron:

Iron rich foodIron ContentRDA % *Calories
Cockles boiled28mg155%50
Black Pudding20mg111%300
Fish Paste9mg50%170
Mussels boiled7mg39%90
Liver Pate7mg39%190
Liver Sausage6.4mg36%312
Shrimps canned5mg28%95
Sardines canned4.5mg27%180
Anchovies canned4mg22%285
Tongue Ox3mg17%300
Pilchards canned2.7mg16%130
Beef lean2.5mg16%240
Other Iron rich foodsIron contentRDA %Calories
Thyme ground124mg688% *276
Curry Powder58mg321% *233
Oat & Wheat Bran45mg250% *330
Cinnamon ground38mg210% *-
Garam Masala33mg183% *380
Rosemary30mg167% *330
Oxo cube24.5mg136% *230
Paprika24mg133% *290
Bran Flakes20mg111%320
Ready Brek13.2mg73%373
Special K cereal13mg73%370
Bran Wheat13mg73%205
Sesame Seeds10mg55%11
Black Treacle9.2mg54%260
Soya flour low fat9mg50%350
Cashew Nuts6.2mg34%610
Blackcurrants canned5mg28%45
Figs dried4.2mg23%205
Bombay Mix3.8mg21%500
Lentils boiled3.5mg19%100
Apricots ready-to-eat3.5mg19%160
Soya beans3mg17%140
Malt bread2.8mg16%270
Wholemeal bread2.7mg15%215
Red Kidney beans2.5mg14%100
Values for iron rich foods may vary between individual portions, these values should only be used as a guide!
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